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THE SAVORY MOMENT radio podcast

Welcome to The Savory Moment, an award-winning 2 ½-minute culinary soundscape where dinner ideas come to life. From the studios of KCAW in Sitka, Alaska, I blend kitchen philosophy with simple recipes for seafood and other fresh ingredients. Each Savory Moment episode features a new recipe—browse selections below for tonight's dinner inspiration. Email us at

SEASON 8 Savory Moment episodes

Welcome to Season 8 of The Savory Moment. Listen to the latest episodes below or visit Season 1, Season 2, Season 3, Season 4, Season 5, Season 6, Season 7.

S8 E1 Heed the Rhubarb

SEASON 8 recipes

View the latest Savory Moment recipes below.

Or visit Season 1, Season 2, Season 3, Season4, 

Season 5, Season 6, Season 7.

S8 E2 The House Where Your Recipe Lives
S8 E3 These Fish are Sheefish
S8 E4 Salmon ABCs
S8 E5 Dinner Rituals

Participating stations
The Savory Moment is a free 
program available for download
on PRX

The Savory Moment is available to public radio stations for free on PRX

S8 E6 Food Rules for Alaska
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Participating stations

The Savory Moment is available to public radio stations for free on PRX. Participating stations include:

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KCAW in Sittka, Alaska

KSTK in Wrangell, Alaska

KTOO in Juneau, Alaska

KRBD in Ketchikan, Alaska

KSKA in Anchorage, Alaska

KSKO in McGrath, Alaska

Click here to add your station!

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Your host

Beth Short-Rhoads is a chef and food writer who lives in Sitka, Alaska. Visit her on Instagram.


Technical support
Operations Director at
KCAW, Adam Lechowicz mixed and mastered

Season 2 and now 

provides technical support.


The Producer

KCAW 104.7 is a community radio station in Sitka, Alaska airing public radio programming

Our theme music

The Savory Moment's theme music is "Columbine Waltz", composed by Robert

theme music 3.png

Vandall and performed by Yvette Baer. It's used with permission from Alfred Publishing and Baer Piano Studio.

S8 E13 Salal Envy
S8 E 12 Respectful Harvesting Guidelines
S8 E7 Musical Crab Feed
S8 E8 Latitudinal Spice Gradient
S8 E9 Cooking Portal
S8 E 10 A Fuller, Richer Life
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