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Homemade Dynamite Sauce

What makes every menu more delicious? Homemade dynamite sauce—a simple mix of Sriracha and mayo. I find that a mix of 75% mayo and 25% Sriracha has a spice level that works for most people, but if you like a spicier condiment then, by all means, play around with the ratio. Here my version is paired with coconut chicken, a minty dinner slaw, and coconut rice. The garnish is pickled beach asparagus harvested from a local beach here in Southeast Alaska.

Homemade Dynamite Sauce

Makes 1 cup

¾ cup mayo of your choice

¼ Sriracha

Use an immersion blender or cuisinart to combine these two ingredients. Transfer to a jar and refrigerate. That's it! This stuff keeps forever and goes well with just about anything.

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